About us

Who we are.

The story behind the company

Italian Effect is a general contracting and custom renovations company specializing in tile setting, tile showers and bathroom remodelling with 3 generations of experience and a strong reputation in the City of Greater Sudbury.

Italian Effect will provide high quality custom work that is unrivalled in the industry, with an Italian touch. Together with passion, pride and dedication, we have very few competitors that can contend with the honest work of Italian Effect.

Italian Effect provides services to the City of Greater Sudbury and surrounding areas. If you have a camp or farm out of town please call for an estimate, depending on the size of the job arrangement can be made to accommodate your needs.

The core of What We Do?

what we know

Our mission is to provide the best quality tile setting in the region while reflecting the project to the budget of our clients. Each project and each client have a different budget and we can create a plan that is realistic. forget about those "Cookie Cutter" contractors.

Quality Matters

quality Assurance

We take pride in our work and meticulously strive for perfection. Understanding that perfection is impossible is realistic but no excuse to cut corners. Not only do we strive for quality finishing but we are always concerned with the overall build and longevity of our projects.