Types of Tiles

Cermaic, Porcelain, Natural Stone..

Choosing the right tile...

For thousands of years tiles have been used as a way of decorating floors and walls throughout the world. Not only do they look gorgeous, they last longer than carpet, wallpaper or vinyl and can add to the value of your home significantly, tiling should be treated as an investment, rather than a cost.

We consider colours to be a matter of personal choice. Here are some tips to help with deciding what colours to choose:

Light colours can help make a small room (like a bathroom) look bigger, as they reflect light more than darker tiles. Using the same colours on the walls and on the floor can also help to provide a more spacious effect.

If choosing plain tiles you may want to add some decorative or border tiles to give some character to your design.

Kitchen tiles - what size tile should I use?

What size to choose could depend on the room, but is always down to individual preference. Kitchen backsplashes are traditionally the small mosaic size, however many people are now using larger tiles for their backsplash.

Bathroom tiles - what size tile should I use?

Bathroom wall and floor tile sizes are again down to individual choice, but if the spacing in the room is compact, then a smaller tile may be suitable. Floor tiles tend to be larger and thicker than wall tiles, but many different types of tiles can be used on walls and floors.

Types of tiles

Tiles are made of a few different materials: porcelain, ceramic and natural stone. Each type have different characteristics and it is very important to understand them, to help choose the best type of tile for your project.

Ceramic tiles

Historically ceramics have been the main tile available for both walls and floors. For indoor use, they provide a tough surface that looks great, they last long and are maintenance free as well.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain is generally harder wearing than the ceramic tiles and virtually impervious to water (bathrooms) and many are frost resistant, so they can be used for interior as well as exterior projects. They are often manufactured in larger size profiles than ceramics.

Natural stone tiles

This is the term for a number of products such as granite, travertine, marble, slate and limestone. Being all natural these types produce some really stunning designs and are extremely hardwearing. However natural stones can be very expensive and are also porous and can require treating or sealing before use.

Mosaic tiles

Mosaics come in all types of tiles such as ceramic, glass and natural stone, as well as more unusual materials such as stainless steel and even exotic real sea shells. They are usually supplied on sheets that can be used whole for shower bases or cut for borders and features to create some stunning decorative effects.